Rays Rookie's First Home Run Earns Him A First-Rate Silent Treatment

In his second game since being called up by the Rays, 2012 first-round pick Richie Shaffer went deep for his first big-league home run. The power-hitting 24-year-old should have plenty more home runs to come, but you only get one first. So when Shaffer got back to the dugout, his teammates made sure to greet him with… »8/05/15 9:40am8/05/15 9:40am

The Bizarre Spring Training Injuries Are Out In Full Force

The greatest spring training tradition—baseball players injuring themselves in weird-ass ways—has arrived early this year. First Michael Saunders stepped on a sprinkler head and tore the meniscus in his knee, and now Tampa Bay Rays reliever Ronald Belisario has fractured his (non-throwing) shoulder while getting out… »2/28/15 12:44pm2/28/15 12:44pm

Joe Girardi Says Rays Pitchers Aren't Good Enough To Safely Pitch Inside

The race for third place in the AL East is a snippy one, with the Ray's honoring Derek Jeter before last night's game, then clipping him with a fastball in on the hands. Afterward Joe Girardi blasted the Rays for hitting so many Yankees batters recently, but with a twist: instead of accusing them of doing it… »9/17/14 3:30pm9/17/14 3:30pm