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Tank Johnson Would Like To Be The Face Of The NFL

In case you were wondering, being involved in a shooting incident in Vegas — though you didn't fire the weapon and all you really did was hang out with shady people and try to get your money back after a rather ill-advised "making it rain" incident — will earn you a one-year suspension from the NFL. Serving a… » 6/05/07 10:25am 6/05/07 10:25am

Tank Johnson Will Be Allowed To Violate O-Linemen's Probation

Well, the wheels of justice grind gloriously in the land of Chicago. Defensive lineman Tank Johnson — whose name is not Feelings Johnson for a reason — will be able to play in the Super Bowl. A Cook County judge just ruled less than an hour ago that Tank will be able to travel with the team to Miami. » 1/23/07 11:45am 1/23/07 11:45am