UNC Academic Scandal Continues, Reportedly Tolerated Cheating

While the actual "student-athlete" may have died a long time ago, the conceit somehow lives on. As college athletics has grown in popularity and profitability, the NCAA quietly killed the student-athlete and replaced him with an evil twin brother. It used to be a ringer was a guy who had no connection to a team, he… »11/18/12 10:07am11/18/12 10:07am

Video Coordinator, Deon Thompson and Some Other Tar Heels Player Act Heroically

Fine, it was Tyler Hansbrough. But, share the headlines, right? The details: this past Thanksgiving Day, while the North Carolina mens basketball team sat on a plane, anxious to flee annoyingly-utopic Maui for Chapel Hill, something went horribly wrong. The Love Guru began showing as the in-flight movie. Also, a man… »11/29/08 1:00pm11/29/08 1:00pm