Today In Fatal, Taser-Involved Gold's Gym Rampage News

Normally, this would just be a paragraph from a news article, complete with a link to the media outlet from which it was quoted. But the Tale of Chad Brothers of Troy is so amazingly amazing that that just won't cut it. That photo came from his Facebook page which he apparently opened, oh, a day earlier. So, off we go: »11/01/11 9:45pm11/01/11 9:45pm

Transgender Brawl In San Antonio Involves One Person Slamming Another Into A News Van

"A fistfight broke out overnight in a convenience store parking lot right next to a KENS 5 news truck, and one of the two combatants was later arrested. San Antonio police had to use a taser on a transgender individual who had been involved in the heated fight. ... Investigators said the suspect hurled a shoe at… »9/20/11 11:00pm9/20/11 11:00pm