Redskins OL Trent Williams Will Miss The Pro Bowl Because A Nightclub…

Yesterday, the Vikings announced that Matt Kalil would be taking over for Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams in this Sunday's Pro Bowl. The Vikings couldn't supply any details and, as the Pro Bowl is an especially inessential exhibition, some speculated that Williams was merely resting from injuries incurred… » 1/26/13 9:30am 1/26/13 9:30am

Cowboys Fan Didn't Just Taser A Jets Fan; He Tasered A Marine On 9/11

The Cowboys still fancy themselves "America's Team," but there are very little in the way of patriotism requirements to root for them. Leroy McKelvey of South Carolina is the man who somehow brought a stun gun into MetLife Stadium, and tased three fans in his section at halftime. One of them a marine who had chastised… » 9/13/11 10:05am 9/13/11 10:05am

Russia's Leading Scorer Tasered For Giving Jersey To A Fan, Then Police …

Zenit St. Petersburg striker Danko Lazovic wanted to give some fans a meaningful souvenir—his shirt—after his team's 2-0 victory against FC Volga on Saturday. Instead, the Russian police decided to give him a meaningful burn on his side. Then they said it never happened, as you'll hear in the above video. » 6/21/11 9:45pm 6/21/11 9:45pm

Now They're Tasing Fans At Minor League Baseball Games

Another cop tased another unruly sports fan on Saturday, this time at a Daytona-Fort Myers Class A game. Between this and the explosions, minor league baseball is starting to resemble Greek basketball far more than anyone should be comfortable with. [Busted Coverage] » 7/19/10 2:40pm 7/19/10 2:40pm

Drunk Golf Fan Taunts Tiger, Gets Tasered At The Players Championship

Travis Parmelee was arrested for disorderly intoxication and summarily tasered by police officers yesterday at the second round of The Players Championship "after he refused to stop heckling Tiger Woods." A Drew Magary fan or regular Hawaiian-shirted, mustachioed hero? [Daily News] » 5/08/10 4:10pm 5/08/10 4:10pm

Jets Fans Don't Fare Much Better Against Indianapolis Police

Everyone expects sadistic fascist police action in San Diego, but surely the good Midwestern people of Indianapolis (a.k.a., Real America) would welcome visiting football fans with open arms? Or you know....taser them in the parking lot. » 1/25/10 10:30am 1/25/10 10:30am