OK State Registrar: Sports Illustrated Still Hasn't Called Us [Update]

Over the last day, one of Sports Illustrated's main sources for the second part of its five-part investigation into Oklahoma State has been under attack. Fath' Carter claimed that he graduated from the university with a degree in education, and, more significantly, that he and former Cowboys running back Tatum Bell… »9/13/13 4:50pm9/13/13 4:50pm


Tatum Bell Declares Innocence While Suspiciously Wearing Rudi Johnson's Underwear

Yep, this is EXACTLY what the Lions needed. Our story so far: Rudi Johnson arrived at Lions headquarters on Monday to make a deal to become their backup running back, when his two large Gucci dufflebags were stolen from outside of CEO Matt Millen's office. Video surveillance cameras revealed that it was Tatum Bell who… »9/03/08 4:15pm9/03/08 4:15pm

Note To Self: Do Not Let Tatum Bell Check My Luggage

Running back Rudi Johnson had no sooner arrived in Detroit on Monday than he lost his luggage; not at the airport like God intended, but outside of CEO Matt Millen's office in the Detroit Lions locker room. While Johnson was in Millen's office working out details of a one-year deal with the team, he left his bags just… »9/03/08 9:15am9/03/08 9:15am