Tavon Austin Scores Cool Touchdown, Moose Calls Him "Tavon Martin"

Cool pitch and half-reverse play here to spring Tavon Austin for a score. Daryl Johnston got his young black males mixed up, though, and called Austin "Tavon Martin"—because, well, you know—before quickly correcting himself. As unfortunate slips go, this isn't the worst, but I'm sure Moose would rather have that one… »11/24/13 1:53pm11/24/13 1:53pm

Here's How Tavon Austin Dominated The First Quarter With Just Six Touches

It's not too often you get to see a player that doesn't line up in the backfield dominate a game over a stretch of time, but it happened for a quarter tonight. Mountaineers wide receiver and kick returner Tavon Austin finished the first quarter of tonight's WVU-Texas game with 166 all-purpose yards on just six… »10/06/12 8:28pm10/06/12 8:28pm