Video: Brawl Leads To Man Being Stabbed At Celtics Game

A man wearing a Rajon Rondo jersey was stabbed in the balcony area of TD Garden near the end of tonight's thrilling victory over the Grizzlies, according to and numerous other media reports. » 3/12/15 1:15am 3/12/15 1:15am

Jesus Showed Up At Today's Red Wings-Bruins Game

The return of Jesus occurred at TD Garden, of all places. He showed up at the Red Wings-Bruins game, blessing everyone with his presence. » 4/20/14 6:28pm 4/20/14 6:28pm

In An NBA First, The Canceled Celtics Game Won't Be Made Up

The Senators-Bruins game scheduled for last night was called off hours after the Boston Marathon bombings, and tonight's Pacers-Celtics game was the next to go. While the hockey will be made up, Indiana and Boston will finish the season with just 81 games played—and that's a first. » 4/16/13 9:11am 4/16/13 9:11am