The Redskins Really, Really Want You To Know Their Team Name Is About Pride

Because the Redskins are relevant again, the periodic controversy about their use of a racial slur as a team name has flared up again. This time Dan Snyder and company have gone on the offensive, with a series of stories and statements about the name, and what it means to both the franchise and high schools nationwide… »2/15/13 12:25pm2/15/13 12:25pm

The Redskins Are Just Going To Hide Behind Every Single School That Uses The Name Redskins

On Monday, the Redskins launched a campaign to defend their use of a racist slur as a team name. It was weak, and centered on the nebulous concept of "pride" felt by a particular Ohio high school that also uses the name Redskins. Drew pointed out that it's bullshit, and this is all about Dan Snyder not wanting to take… »2/13/13 3:15pm2/13/13 3:15pm

Fuck You, Pelicans Are Awesome: A Defense Of The NBA's Best New Team Name

So it looks like the New Orleans Hornets are going to change their name to become the Pelicans. You look around, and there are a bunch of smartasses making fun of this new name. Oh, a pelican, that's intimidating, they sneer. Well, here's what's up. These people don't know anything about good team names, and they sure… »12/06/12 3:55pm12/06/12 3:55pm