Fuck You, Bill Belichick

I was close, Bill Belichick. I was thissss close to spending an entire NFL season free of Tebowmania, or Tebow Time, or whatever fucking brand stamp ESPN decides to put on all its coverage of the Jesusback. I was really looking forward to it, too. I was gonna watch every game safe in the knowledge that Tim Tebow… » 6/11/13 10:03am 6/11/13 10:03am

Every "Tebow" Uttered On ESPN's "TebowCenter" Today

In what was either a rare act of self-awareness or a complete lack thereof on behalf of the Worldwide Leader, ESPN dedicated an entire hour of SportsCenter today to Tim Tebow, managing to mention the Denver quarterback's name no fewer than 88 times in the process—all of which were painstakingly edited together for… » 12/07/11 7:48pm 12/07/11 7:48pm