The Broncos Should Trade Tim Tebow To Every Other Team In The NFL (Unless They Keep Him), According To Internet

Peyton Manning is a Bronco now, meaning Tim Tebow is trade bait. Which NFL team should part with their 30 pieces of silver (and maybe a fifth-round draft pick) to bring Tebowmania to town? The Internet has given this question careful consideration and furnished us with an answer: every team. »3/20/12 7:49pm3/20/12 7:49pm

French Canadian Meme Alert: Thibaulting Is The New Tebowing

For those of you who don't remember former Habs/Blackhawks/other goaltender Jocelyn Thibault, his last name is pronounced identically to a certain Denver quarterback's. So it was just a matter of time before Thibaulting swept the continent. (Or, as sender-inner Noah says, "maybe just Canadian beer-league hockey.") »2/06/12 3:35pm2/06/12 3:35pm

"Tebowing" Is Now An Official English Word, Except It's Probably Not

When a person gets very famous, lots of companies want to put themselves in the news alongside that person. Which is why you're seeing a lot of Tim Tebow in unlikely sources these days. Today's entry: something called the Global Language Monitor says that "Tebowing" is now an accepted English word. Defined as "the act… »12/12/11 2:45pm12/12/11 2:45pm