The Broncos Should Trade Tim Tebow To Every Other Team In The NFL (Unless They Keep Him), According To Internet

Peyton Manning is a Bronco now, meaning Tim Tebow is trade bait. Which NFL team should part with their 30 pieces of silver (and maybe a fifth-round draft pick) to bring Tebowmania to town? The Internet has given this question careful consideration and furnished us with an answer: every team. » 3/20/12 7:49pm 3/20/12 7:49pm

French Canadian Meme Alert: Thibaulting Is The New Tebowing

For those of you who don't remember former Habs/Blackhawks/other goaltender Jocelyn Thibault, his last name is pronounced identically to a certain Denver quarterback's. So it was just a matter of time before Thibaulting swept the continent. (Or, as sender-inner Noah says, "maybe just Canadian beer-league hockey.") » 2/06/12 3:35pm 2/06/12 3:35pm

How To Avoid Counterfeit Tebowing: A Visual Guide

If not for planking, Tebowing would go down in history as this generation's silliest physical obsession, joining past actions like the Charleston, the Macarena, and streaking. Despite the fad's (now waning) popularity, there still appears to be some confusion as to the proper technique or how to recognize Tebowing… » 12/20/11 6:30pm 12/20/11 6:30pm

Gifts For People Who Have An Opinion About Tim Tebow

Nobody puts the "Christ" in "Christmas" like America's greatest football phenomenon. Don't stop with Denver Broncos gear—Tim Tebow is much more than just an athlete, as the bio of "Timmy" on the Tebow family ministry's website makes clear. Here are a few ideas to help your favorite Tebower get closer to Him this… » 12/20/11 4:54pm 12/20/11 4:54pm

"Tebowing" Is Now An Official English Word, Except It's Probably Not

When a person gets very famous, lots of companies want to put themselves in the news alongside that person. Which is why you're seeing a lot of Tim Tebow in unlikely sources these days. Today's entry: something called the Global Language Monitor says that "Tebowing" is now an accepted English word. Defined as "the act… » 12/12/11 2:45pm 12/12/11 2:45pm