Picture Of Tim Tebow Sent To Mayor Of Jersey City; City Hall Evacuated

A letter addressed to Jersey City Mayor "Steven Fulop, family and friends" was mailed to City Hall along with white powder and a picture of Tim Tebow. Public Safety Director James Shea reported that an aide opened the letter and called police immediately when the powder fell out of the envelope. The building was… » 11/18/13 11:00pm 11/18/13 11:00pm

Tim Tebow Is A Coddled Malcontent

The Jets dressed three quarterbacks for their game against the Chargers yesterday—a game they lost, 27-17. Greg McElroy, the former Alabama quarterback who, evidently, never faced a pass rush while he was there, started, while Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez backed him up. (Neither was the No. 3 quarterback proper, because… » 12/24/12 12:51pm 12/24/12 12:51pm

ESPN Finally Disavows Its Tebow Coverage: "We Didn't Handle That Very Well"

The New York Jets have three games left to play and despite an unexpected itchy eruption of theoretically possible playoff chances—one game behind whahuh?—they're not a draw going down the stretch. The Chargers-Jets Sunday game on Dec. 23 gets the distinction of being the only game this year that NBC flexed out of its… » 12/10/12 2:37pm 12/10/12 2:37pm

Now Even ESPN's Announcers Are Mocking ESPN's Tebow Obsession

Bob Wischusen and Dan Dakich were calling Butler-Xavier game on ESPN this afternoon as part of the network's tip-off marathon coverage and—naturally—Tim Tebow came up. Wischusen is the Jets' play-by-play guy for ESPN Radio, and as such he is in a position to truly understand Tebow's irrelevance right now. And so,… » 11/13/12 6:31pm 11/13/12 6:31pm

Woody Johnson Got Flustered When A CNBC Anchor Asked Him If Tim Tebow Was Still A Virgin

The Jets held their own against the best team in football on Monday night while Mitt Romney surged in the polls, so New York owner Woody Johnson must have assumed he was on sure footing when he headed into CNBC's coked-up Squawk Box earlier today. After the usual Mark Sanchez chat, Johnson faced an important… » 10/10/12 3:25pm 10/10/12 3:25pm

NFL Network Reports That Jets Have Unsold Tickets For Monday Night, So Naturally It's A Tebow Thing

The backup quarterback is always more popular than the starter because he is an unknown quantity; he theoretically could be better than the starter. Tim Tebow is not an unknown quantity. We know exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are. His strengths include things like "being a teammate" and "being a leader."… » 10/07/12 3:20pm 10/07/12 3:20pm

"You Can't Talk Enough Tebow": ESPN's Instructions To On-Air Talent

Doug Gottlieb, the former ESPN Radio host now bound for CBS, did an exit interview on The Dan Patrick Show today and confirmed what we all suspected. But to hear it spelled out this explicitly? Hoo boy. The symbiotic relationship between ESPN and Tebow is fertilized by orders from above, according to Gottlieb: » 10/03/12 2:57pm 10/03/12 2:57pm

How Did This Girl End Up At A New York Hotel With Mark Sanchez And Tim Tebow? [UPDATED]

Those intrepid internet lurkers over at Busted Coverage found this one, and we have to agree: Once we saw these photos and considered where they came from, all we were left with were questions. The photos were tweeted by a girl who appears to have been visiting New York City this weekend from parts unknown. But that's… » 10/01/12 5:35pm 10/01/12 5:35pm

Vogue Profiles A Vogue-Appropriate Version Of Tim Tebow

How does the nation's leading women's fashion magazine justify a profile of a homeschooled evangelical second-string football player? You Vogue him up, that's how. You make Tim Tebow into a style icon (when he's not) and a social butterfly who's eating up the New York party scene (when he's not). You get the… » 9/20/12 5:54pm 9/20/12 5:54pm

Tim Tebow Threatens To Enter Politics When He's Done With Football

Regardless of your personal feelings toward one Tim Tebow, it can't be denied that he's good at getting people to talk about him. In politics, that kind of innate skill that can come in handy at opportune times. Combine that with his very clear views on certain topics and it's not much of a surprise to hear he hasn't… » 9/18/12 8:30pm 9/18/12 8:30pm

Maybe The Jets Really Are Not Planning On Using Tim Tebow At Quarterback

As much as the Jets insisted throughout training camp and the pre-season that there was no quarterback controversy ("Mark is our starting quarterback") is it possible they were telling the truth? Did the Jets decide sometime a few weeks ago that Tim Tebow was actually going to be exclusively a running back/Wildcat… » 9/10/12 11:00am 9/10/12 11:00am