Colorado Viewers Miss Six Minutes Of AFC Title Game, Learn About Santa

Somehow this flew under the radar all week, but it turns out Broncos fans in Colorado Springs missed much of the first quarter during Sunday's AFC Championship game due to technical difficulties on KKTV—during which Tom Brady was frozen on their screens for nearly six minutes. Even stranger, the CBS affiliate's… »1/24/14 1:45pm1/24/14 1:45pm

Padres Invite Navy Spouse To Sing, Err, Lip Sync "God Bless America"

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day in San Diego; the Padres are in their usual Sunday camo and a special 7th-inning message from deployed Navy sailor Joseph Dale was featured on the scoreboard. Following that message, Dale's wife Caroline sang "God Bless America." Except it's pretty clear she wasn't singing it at… »5/05/13 6:58pm5/05/13 6:58pm

Georgetown Beats Louisville In Game That Was 24 Seconds Longer Than Regulation And Came Down To The Final Possession

Fifth-ranked Louisville dropped its third consecutive game today to Georgetown in what was a one-possession struggle for the final six minutes of action. Those final six minutes, strangely, were actually a bit more than that; the clock inexplicably stopped at 6:07 and stayed that way for 24.37 seconds. As far as we… »1/26/13 2:48pm1/26/13 2:48pm

Sun Shines On The Dog's Ass That Is Stephen A. Smith, As Technical Glitch Renders Him Unable To Hear Skip Bayless

Readers send us tips about ESPN2 offal vomitorium First Take regularly, but we're loath to provide the program any more attention than it already has (and, valuing our sanity, avoid watching it ourselves). So we thank Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch for the head's up on this brief technical glitch that took… »5/10/12 12:45pm5/10/12 12:45pm

NFL Network's Draft Coverage Is Already Hitting Some Technical Snags

In an age of exclusive broadcast contracts, choice in television viewership is a rarity for live sports programming. The NFL Draft is the most prominent remaining event for which viewers can choose—in this case, between ESPN and the NFL Network. The latter's going all-out to try and grab a bigger share of the… »4/26/12 5:00pm4/26/12 5:00pm

Clippers Broadcaster Michael Eaves Spends Commercial Break Talking About "Bums" And Naked Girls

The NBA's had some technical issues today in their network distributing the League Pass package and one of them let viewers in on the private thoughts of Los Angeles Clippers broadcaster Michael Eaves, who during a commercial break expounded upon the use of the word "bum" and addressed a too-quickly-curtailed story… »3/11/12 11:01pm3/11/12 11:01pm

For the second straight day I've been faced with some technical difficulties.

For the second straight day I've been faced with some technical difficulties. Yesterday it was the AIM screenname and today it's the Deadspin Tip line. I'm not sure what the problem is but I know that internet connectivity on Fire Island can be hit and miss. If you have an especially fantastic tip to share feel free… »9/02/07 12:00pm9/02/07 12:00pm