The Astounding Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton

Mark Gorton is a prominent financier and a respected entrepreneur. He founded the music sharing site Limewire, and he runs Tower Research, a famed high-frequency trading firm. Gorton also believes that the "ruthless" secret cabal that assassinated JFK and planned 9/11 could be coming to kill his family. » 4/10/14 4:08pm 4/10/14 4:08pm

I Tried BroApp and It Did Not Turn Me Into an Awesome Boyfriend

Every day on my way to work, I spend the entire train ride deleting inane press releases from my email inbox. Diet pills? Delete. A series of seminars on how to convince your boyfriend to propose? Delete. The launch of a new cake flavored vodka made especially for tampon soakage? .... Archive. But the other week, one… » 3/05/14 6:04pm 3/05/14 6:04pm

Your Cable Company Is Smugly Giving You Second-World-Quality DVR

Over at Slate the normally amiable Josh Levin is lighting torches and sharpening farm implements, trying to foment a revolution — and he needs your help! All it takes is a few minutes of your time to hector your cable company into offering you a basic service that such benighted Podunks as Ireland and Australia already … » 6/22/13 2:45pm 6/22/13 2:45pm

MLB's Crappy Replay Tech: It's A Miracle Umps Ever Get A Call Right

Much has been made of umpire Angel Hernandez's botching of replay review in last night's Oakland-Cleveland game, a mistake that might have cost the A's the game. You've doubtless already seen the play numerous times on your home TV or computer screen, but you've probably never seen it the way Hernandez did—or how every … » 5/09/13 5:23pm 5/09/13 5:23pm

Here's How Playing Basketball Looks Through Google Glass

Here's Noble Ackerson, a so-called "Glass Explorer," trying out his Google Glass in a gym session yesterday. The view sure looks a lot like a dude wearing a mounted camera like a GoPro while he shoots hoops (there has to be an option to record the "robot view" eventually, right?), but if this makes for a more interesting… » 5/02/13 4:25pm 5/02/13 4:25pm

Jim Haslett Accidentally Recorded Himself Trying To Turn Off An iPod's…

According to the Youtube description, Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett went to the Apple Store Best Buy in Sterling, Va. As one does, he played around with the electronics. He turned on an iPod Touch. He turned on the camera app. He switched over to video. He pressed record. He couldn't figure out how … » 2/21/13 4:15pm 2/21/13 4:15pm

Bullpen Cell Phones Are Coming To Major League Baseball Next Season

MLB and T-Mobile just announced a new deal here at CES that'll (maybe? hopefully?) cut down on embarrassing miscommunications between the bench and the pen. Starting next season, clubs will have the option of using dedicated, in-dugout cell phones to help get their relievers up and warming. Although, the best news for… » 1/08/13 9:10pm 1/08/13 9:10pm

Luke Donald Was Nearly Disqualified From The Masters Because Someone…

Controversy at Augusta! There was some debate about whether Luke Donald shot a 5 or a 3 at the par-4 fifth hole in today's opening round. Donald's scorecard showed a 3, but a bunch of eagle-eyed sportswriters no doubt watching on TV from the media tent looked up from their catered lunch to notice he had actually… » 4/05/12 7:00pm 4/05/12 7:00pm

New 49ers Stadium Will Now Cost $1.2 Billion Thanks To Stuff That…

Last season was a major step forward for the San Francisco 49ers, who advanced to the NFC Championship despite having a rookie head coach, no star wide receivers, and Alex Smith as QB1. Now they've signed Randy Moss to a one-year deal and maybe Peyton Manning will end up by the bay (though probably not). Point is,… » 3/15/12 12:00am 3/15/12 12:00am

Does The Success Of An NFL Replay Challenge Depend On Which TV Network …

NBC's 40 cameras should give officials an unprecedented number of angles to analyze in the occasion a replay challenge is issued during Sunday's Super Bowl. While it makes sense that the biggest game of the season would have more replay resources, there are also differences in the video coverage of regular season… » 2/03/12 4:30pm 2/03/12 4:30pm

The iPhone's Siri Answered Bob Costas's Questions Better Than Accused…

Last night, Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant coach accused of raping boys, gave his first interview on the matter to Bob Costas. It didn't go so well. (Video is above, in case you missed it.) Deadspin correspondent Ben wanted to see if the iPhone's personal-assistant application, Siri, fared any better. … » 11/15/11 4:27pm 11/15/11 4:27pm

Joe Paterno Uses Skype, Wonders Why He Can't Get A Dial Tone

Obvious joke: I had no idea you could Skype on the Jitterbug. Actually, you know what, this whole post and comments section is going to be obvious jokes about old people using technology. So let's just say this is probably some sort of recruiting violation, and Paterno thought he was talking to his great-grandchildren… » 6/07/11 8:30pm 6/07/11 8:30pm