Vikings Angry At "Cheap" Rams After Late Hits On Teddy Bridgewater

Vikings players and coaches had strong words for the Rams—and especially defensive coordinator Gregg Williams—after Minnesota’s 21-18 overtime win, completed without QB Teddy Bridgewater, who left early in the fourth after being knocked unconscious by a shoulder to the head from CB Lamarcus Joyner. »11/09/15 10:13am11/09/15 10:13am


Teddy Bridgewater Left Momentarily Unconscious After Taking A Vicious Hit

Teddy Bridgewater was attempting to slide for a first down when Lamarcus Joyner ran into him and knocked him unconscious with this vicious elbow strike. The tackle drew an unnecessary roughness penalty. Bridgewater laid there unconscious for a while, before leaving the game to be evaluated for concussion symptoms.
»11/08/15 4:10pm11/08/15 4:10pm

The Browns Spent Over $100,000 On A Study To Find The Best QB

The Browns have long eyed the 2014 draft as the time to finally get a franchise quarterback. According to reports from both CBS Sports and ESPN, they spent over $100,000 to commission a thorough analytical study to determine the best QB available. The study's reported conclusion? Teddy Bridgewater is the way to go. »5/08/14 1:54pm5/08/14 1:54pm

Giants Have Too Many Questions For Teddy Bridgewater To Be The Answer

No quarterback receives more excuses for his interceptions than Eli Manning–which isn't at all to say those excuses don't have some validity. A few years ago, it did seem that an inordinate number of picks bounced off the hands of his receivers. This season, playing behind an offensive line composed of tackling… »10/11/13 9:33am10/11/13 9:33am

Get A Load Of Teddy Bridgewater's Dong In This Game Program From Last Week

A little (ha) palate cleanser: Get a load of Teddy Bridgewater, quarterback for Louiville, hero of the Big East title game, in this game program from Louisville's match-up with UConn last weekeend.
»12/01/12 7:25pm12/01/12 7:25pm

Which one of you guys plays quarterback? Seriously, though, compression shorts are not for everyone. We learned that