Keith Olbermann Twitter-Fought With Tom Sestito's 13-Year-Old Sister

For the singular achievement of racking up 27 penalty minutes in one second of ice time, Canucks forward Tom Sestito was named Keith Olbermann's worst person in the sports world. He called Sestito, among other things, a "boxing hobo on skates." One person who took issue with that was Sestito's 13-year-old sister… » 1/16/14 10:13am 1/16/14 10:13am

Teen Falls 45 Feet From Ski Lift After Throwing Snowball At The Chair…

First, let's mention that this 17-year-old, who plummeted from the chair lift at Ski Santa Fe earlier this month, is OK. Despite being helicoptered from the mountain, he did not require surgery, and was released from the hospital after a few days of observation. Knowing that, we won't feel bad in labeling him a… » 2/21/13 12:05pm 2/21/13 12:05pm

Man Pushes Teenager Off Lawnmower, Tebows, Drives Off

Remember when Tebowing was a thing? Ah, we recall it like it was just yesterday. Thankfully, today's story takes place in Western Pennsylvania, where things often stick around years and even decades after they've gone out of style in the rest of the country. » 8/30/12 9:30am 8/30/12 9:30am

The Preventable Annual Tradition Of High School Football Deaths

It's that time of year again: when America's high schoolers start dropping dead during football practice. It's become so regular and so common that we can't do anything but shake our heads and move on, as if this is an acceptable rite of passage for youth football as a whole. But these are actual kids, with names and… » 8/03/11 11:40am 8/03/11 11:40am

Blotto Teenage Brewers Fan Soils Himself And Falls Down Stairs At…

A few years back, the New York Times had a piece about Wisconsin's drinking problem. "When it comes to drinking, it seems, no state keeps pace with Wisconsin," they wrote. It was bad, they said, in large part because Wisconsin bars and restaurants allow minors to drink in the presence of parents or guardians. » 7/05/11 11:45pm 7/05/11 11:45pm

Last Night's Winner: Lane Kiffin's Affinity For Young Teenage Boys

In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like Lane Kiffin, who's already made a cannonball splash at USC thanks to an aspirational verbal commitment from a 13-year-old boy. » 2/05/10 10:10am 2/05/10 10:10am