Watch High School Freshman Karl-Anthony Towns Interview Kevin Durant, His "Basketball Idol" 

It’s only taken eight games for Timberwolves rookie Karl-Anthony Towns to establish himself as one of the dopest young players in the league—seriously, go watch some KAT highlights right now if you haven’t seen him play yet; he’s extremely good—but not that long ago he was just a baby-faced teen idolizing Kevin Durant. »11/13/15 11:43am11/13/15 11:43am


Colorado High School Sexting Scandal Costs Football Team Its Playoff Spot

Cañon City High School is just like most other high schools in the country, in that it’s full of libidinous teenagers and has a football team. Unfortunately for fans of the Cañon City Tigers, those two factors intersected and ultimately cost the football team its shot at a playoff spot, as a wave of suspensions in the… »11/07/15 10:26am11/07/15 10:26am

I Could Defeat At Least Eight Of This Year's Most Influential Teens

Today, Time released its list of the 30 most influential teens of 2015. It’s a wide-ranging list that includes celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and Malala. They’re all wonderful, inspirational kids. After looking through the names, I’ve determined that in a fight, I could kick the asses of at least eight of these… »10/27/15 4:24pm10/27/15 4:24pm

Texas Cop Suspended After Footage Emerges of Brutal Pool Party Arrests

On Saturday, video was uploaded to Youtube of police officers screaming at and arresting children at a community pool in Texas. One officer, confronted by two boys while grabbing a young girl by the neck and shoving her head towards the ground, pulls his gun and points it at them.
»6/07/15 2:00pm6/07/15 2:00pm

Junior Varsity Baseball Team Allegedly Made Love to McChicken Sandwich

Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young clearly did not anticipate a future in which a junior varsity boys’ baseball team from Grand Forks, N.D., would celebrate the end of their season and the impending arrival of summer by allegedly sexually violating a McDonald’s McChicken® on their bus. That same person… »6/03/15 6:32pm6/03/15 6:32pm

I Went to a Simulated Teen Drinking Party and It Freaked Me the Fuck Out

I’m far from the target audience for the simulated teen drinking party I attended last weekend—that audience being freaked-out parents who want to see what really goes on at the hormone-fueled ragers their children are just starting to attend—but let me start by saying that the whole thing was very effective. I was… »5/04/15 8:00pm5/04/15 8:00pm

I Can't Stop Watching These Stupid-High Teens After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Teens making their entry into (or continuing their nascent exploration of) the world of pill-popping after having their wisdom teeth extracted are collectively a gift that keeps on giving. And what they are giving exactly are self-taken videos of them babbling, crying, singing, pissing off their parents, fucking with… »4/16/15 10:36am4/16/15 10:36am

HS Football Team's Season Cancelled After Reports Of Waterboarding

The Central Bucks West High School football team in Doylestown, Penn., has had the last two games of its season cancelled after an internal investigation revealed that members of the team had engaged in "improper conduct." According to police, several of the football players participated in hazing rituals that… »10/23/14 5:16pm10/23/14 5:16pm

Teen World Cup Fan's Hunting Photo May Have Killed Her Modeling Career

It's a been a tough week for blonde teenagers who pose for Facebook photos with dead African animals. First, 19-year-old big-game hunter Kendall Jones had her photos of trophy leopards, elephants and rhinos scrubbed from Facebook after an internet backlash. Now the career of a 17-year-old Belgian model, discovered in… »7/11/14 11:05am7/11/14 11:05am