​Watch a Woman Attempt to Lose One Pound in 20 Minutes

The clip above is from Glena, a documentary about a single mother in her mid-30's whose goal is to be a professional MMA fighter. The movie, which premiered on Showtime last night, explored what it means to follow one's dream while negotiating parental responsibility. Is Glena "Heartless" Avila selfish for… »9/26/14 2:52pm9/26/14 2:52pm


Here Are the Best Dumb Things Ryan Lochte Said on His Reality Show

Ryan Lochte is a douchebag with gills, George W. Bush without the evil and/or a golden lab turned into a human. His fame, his good looks, his 11 Olympic medals, his seeming good nature, his unending capacity for inanity and the singularity he achieves within his babbling all make him a perfect specimen for reality… »4/22/13 10:15am4/22/13 10:15am