The University Of Maryland's Twitter Account Was Hacked, Kept It Pretty…

Along with Rutgers, the University of Maryland looks likely to flee its current conference for the Big Ten, and some people—notably, the person who hacked Maryland's official Twitter account tonight—are pretty happy about it. At first it seems conceivable that the person who manages UM's social media was just getting… » 11/17/12 11:00pm 11/17/12 11:00pm

Reports: The Big Ten Wants Maryland And Rutgers

Pat Forde and ESPN are reporting that serious talks are afoot to fold Maryland and Rutgers into the Big Ten. Not only would that create a 14-member conference that'd surely be the biggest Ten in the world, it would reopen the scabby wound of major conference realignment. The ACC, the Terps' current home, would be… » 11/17/12 6:58pm 11/17/12 6:58pm

Gary Is Gone.

Maryland's men's basketball coach, Gary Williams, will forever remember this day as the day Gus Johnson ruined his retirement party. Williams coached the Terps for 22 years and won a national title in 2002. Now he's the guy that retired the day Gus got the boot (and other things, though). [ESPN, Maryland Athletics] » 5/05/11 5:45pm 5/05/11 5:45pm