Why The NFL's New Concussion Protocols Aren't Working

In January, the NFL announced that, starting with the 2013 season, all games would be played with an independent neurologist on the sidelines to assist with the evaluation and treatment of head injuries. It looked like the league had done a good thing. It was establishing a new, unbiased procedure to promote player… »10/03/13 11:40am10/03/13 11:40am

Reminder: The Jets Aren't The Only Team With A Dismal QB Situation

This week, the Oakland Raiders announced that Terrelle Pryor will be the team's starting quarterback in Week 1. We're all for that, because Pryor at least has a chance to make Raiders games somewhat exciting, but's Michael Silver is reporting that not everyone in the Raiders organization is on board with… »9/05/13 11:26am9/05/13 11:26am

The Raiders Plan To Use Terrelle Pryor Substantially On Sunday, Because Fuck It, Why Not?

So the 4-10 Raiders, with their expensive veteran quarterback and whiz-kid coach, aren't making the playoffs. At least they're trying something new now. Per Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, offensive coordinator Greg Knapp plans to deploy third-string quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Sunday in third-down and red… »12/20/12 6:05pm12/20/12 6:05pm

Roger Goodell Has Reviewed Roger Goodell's Decision On Terrelle Pryor And Ruled In Roger Goodell's Favor

Here's Goodell, just oozing sanctimony: "In my judgment, allowing players to secure their own ineligibility for college play in order to avoid previously determined disciplinary consequences for admitted conduct reflects poorly not on college football—which acted to discipline the transgressor—but on the NFL, by… »9/30/11 4:52pm9/30/11 4:52pm

Roger Goodell Enforces The Laws That Roger Goodell Came Up With Just Now

Jim Tressel followed in the footsteps of his protégé Terrelle Pryor by jumping to the NFL, and he's going to suffer silently on the sidelines along with him. Yesterday the Colts announced Tressel will sit out the first six weeks, a penalty that was self-imposed because the Commissioner's office was unusually quiet.… »9/06/11 1:40pm9/06/11 1:40pm

Jim Tressel Embarrasses Roger Goodell By Self-Imposing Goodell's Stupid Idea Of Justice

Has there ever been a string of punishments/non-punishments more baffling than Roger Goodell's recent run? Lacking a clear directive but wielding the personal-conduct policy like Zeus's discriminate lightning bolts, no one plays unless the Commish decides he's "ready," and the Commish doesn't have to justify himself… »9/05/11 12:10pm9/05/11 12:10pm

The Rush To Write Off Terrelle Pryor As Another Raiders Bust Is On

There was something predictable about Oakland's selection of Terrelle Pryor in today's supplemental draft, and it wasn't the pick itself: it was the mad rush among pundits to point out the inevitability of the Raiders taking a guy with a spotty past. It's the laziest sort of joke, and one your 50-something-year-old… »8/22/11 3:10pm8/22/11 3:10pm

NFL Suspends Terrelle Pryor For Breaking The NCAA's Rules

The NFL announced today it will essentially suspend Terrelle Pryor, a player who isn't in the NFL, for violating rules that aren't the NFL's. This is really incredible, and the most incredible part is that what should happen in a sane and just world—Pryor hires a very good attorney who buries the NFL, and for that… »8/18/11 11:22am8/18/11 11:22am