We've Given Maryland Football's Dramatic "Pride" Video An Earthquake Panic Remix

Before the season opener against Miami on Monday night, the Terps aired a promotional "Maryland Pride" video to fire up the home crowd and to display the Under Armour logo as many times as possible. The original included the Ravens' Torrey Smith—but not the part where he bolted for safer ground when the earthquake… »9/07/11 11:25am9/07/11 11:25am


Maryland Football Players Will Dress In Whatever Clown Suit Under Armour Tells Them To

These new uniforms are the work of Under Armour. In their combinatoric ugliness, they are seemingly modeled on Nike's gear for Oregon, which is to say the uniforms are there to turn a bunch of under-compensated college kids into dress-up dollies modeling whatever hideous new breathable wear the company is rolling out,… »8/23/11 5:15pm8/23/11 5:15pm