Terry Collins Made The Right Call On Matt Harvey And Still Screwed Up

It was a Mets season that began with, and briefly threatened to founder upon, questions of how many innings Matt Harvey would be allowed to throw, and for how many innings he’d be able to be effective. In the end, Harvey threw 216 innings—the most ever for a pitcher coming off of Tommy John surgery—and on the whole he… »11/02/15 9:17am11/02/15 9:17am


MLB Wants Teams To Chill Out With Their Champagne Celebrations

Celebrating a clinch with a clubhouse champagne shower (or a beer slip ‘n slide) is a baseball fixture dating back to the 1960s, according to this interesting ESPN account of the tradition’s evolution. But in recent years it’s become as managed and regulated—and sponsored—as anything else baseball has to offer. And… »10/23/15 11:32am10/23/15 11:32am

The Latest Mets Scandal Is So Stupid Even By Mets Scandal Standards

Jordany "Took a Spring Training Fastball Right To The Dick" Valdespin doesn't do a whole lot on the Mets. He doesn't walk, he can't play much defense, and he's hitting .235. He pinch-hits, with a start in center or at second every so often. He'll steal a base or hit a home run on a special day. But because these are… »5/15/13 11:33am5/15/13 11:33am