Mets Utility Player Reportedly Calls His Manager A Cocksucker

The saga of Jordany Valdespin, which began with him taking a fastball to the dick and peaked with him standing at the center of a very Mets-y controversy, has now ended with him apparently calling his manager a cocksucker. Hurray for the Mets! » 7/15/13 9:47am 7/15/13 9:47am

The Latest Mets Scandal Is So Stupid Even By Mets Scandal Standards

Jordany "Took a Spring Training Fastball Right To The Dick" Valdespin doesn't do a whole lot on the Mets. He doesn't walk, he can't play much defense, and he's hitting .235. He pinch-hits, with a start in center or at second every so often. He'll steal a base or hit a home run on a special day. But because these are the… » 5/15/13 11:33am 5/15/13 11:33am

FOX, Umpires Conspire To Confuse The Shit Out Of Everyone Watching The …

Here is an almost three minute long clip from this afternoon's Mets-Braves game. The scene: bottom of the fifth, one out, one on (Martin Prado on first), Jason Heyward at the plate. Heyward lines a 1-0 pitch to left and then, well, who the hell knows what happened. » 7/14/12 6:29pm 7/14/12 6:29pm

So It's Come To This: Mets Fans Wearing Paper Bags

Things are coming to some kind of head in Flushing. Wednesday, fans begin to show up with brown paper bags over their heads, probably the most evocative visual for this team since that Post cover of sad Mr. Met. Even the media started tuning the losses out. » 4/22/11 2:30pm 4/22/11 2:30pm