Edson Barboza's Roadhouse-Style Face-Kick Knockout Is Even Better When…

We didn't have time to give this nasty wheel kick KO the proper treatment last night, but here's Edson Barboza's heel applied to Terry Etim's face in extreme slow motion, from Saturday's UFC 142 lightweight event. » 1/15/12 12:01pm 1/15/12 12:01pm

Edson Barboza Brutally Knocked Out Terry Etim With A Kick To The Face

While the New England Patriots are metaphorically kicking the crap out of the Denver Broncos, this knock-out wheel kick from Edson Barboza provides legitimate reason to check Terry Etim's pants. It was a blow that might ruin the adjective "lightweight" forever. » 1/14/12 10:48pm 1/14/12 10:48pm