The Sportswriter Who Left Her Job After Finding A Million Dollars

You may remember Selena Roberts from her days at The New York Times, where she became notorious for her crusading columns about the Duke lacrosse rape case. Or maybe you know her from her stint as a senior writer at Sports Illustrated, where she was part of the rotation that replaced Rick Reilly in the magazine's… »7/15/13 2:03pm7/15/13 2:03pm


Bake-Off At Sports Illustrated! Jon Wertheim, Chris Stone Battle To Take Over Weekly Magazine

Who's in charge at Sports Illustrated? Earlier this summer, longtime editor Terry McDonell told his staff that he was dialing back on some of his responsibilities. Last month, he got a new office on (SI's parent company) Time Inc.'s corporate floor, fueling even more talk that he was on his way out. But if all signs… »9/13/12 11:44am9/13/12 11:44am

Who Exactly Is Running Sports Illustrated? Sports Illustrated Staffers Want To Know.

At Sports Illustrated's weekly editorial meeting on Thursday, top editor Terry McDonell had some news for the 30 or so staffers assembled. Job cuts were over, he said. (There were 16 departures and three layoffs in all.) And then he said something outwardly innocuous that people at the magazine have been puzzling over… »7/23/12 12:25pm7/23/12 12:25pm