Massive Brawl Breaks Out At High School Football Game In Texas

A huge melee broke out at last night’s game between conference rivals Westfield and Spring, in Spring, Tx. Coaches and officials tried to calm the teams down, but both benches quickly emptied and the fighting escalated to the degree that local law enforcement on hand had to come and quell the fighting. Hilariously,… »10/03/15 1:46pm10/03/15 1:46pm


Texas High School Players Say They Were Told By Coach To Hit Referee

The two Texas high school football players caught on video drilling a referee appeared on Good Morning America today—with their attorney— and said the referee had used anti-Hispanic slurs, a charge the official, Robert Watts, has denied. The players also claimed that they were ordered to lay hits on Watts by one of… »9/18/15 10:33am9/18/15 10:33am

Arlington Police: Officer Who Shot Christian Taylor Fired for "Poor Judgment"

At a press conference on Tuesday, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said the officer who fatally shot Christian Taylor on Friday has been terminated “for exercising poor judgment” and had no physical contact with the unarmed teen before firing. »8/11/15 7:28pm8/11/15 7:28pm

Texas Cop Suspended After Footage Emerges of Brutal Pool Party Arrests

On Saturday, video was uploaded to Youtube of police officers screaming at and arresting children at a community pool in Texas. One officer, confronted by two boys while grabbing a young girl by the neck and shoving her head towards the ground, pulls his gun and points it at them.
»6/07/15 2:00pm6/07/15 2:00pm

'Suck Dick, Fight or Quit Doing Gay Shit': The Texas Prison Rape Problem

It didn’t take long after Passion Star was sent to prison for her to be sexually assaulted for the first time. And it wasn’t long before she filed her first complaint against her first attacker. And she realized “almost immediately,” she says, that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was not going to help her.
»5/13/15 1:47pm5/13/15 1:47pm

Texas Should Declare Independence And Make This Their National Beer

Yesterday, one of my idiot friends told me that certain South Floridians have expressed interest in seceding from the rest of the state. Roughly 11 seconds of exhaustive Googling just now failed to turn up much evidence, but let's say it's true. Makes sense. The government's way up north, and apparently run by a… »10/24/14 1:14pm10/24/14 1:14pm