How Did A Texas A&M Recruit's Dad End Up With A Trademarked Hashtag?

Texas A&M is known for promoting both football and its brand to the point of absurdity, and so it was more than fitting that they won the competition to land Daylon Mack, a coveted recruit from the Class of 2015. Mack, you see, managed to come out of the recruiting process not only with a scholarship, but with his… » 2/27/15 12:19pm 2/27/15 12:19pm

Kicker Hit Right In The Dick

The Liberty Bowl sure has been eventful! We've already had a Texas A&M student assistant go on a smackin' spree, and now we've got West Virginia kicker Josh Lambert taking a slap right to the dick and balls. » 12/29/14 5:37pm 12/29/14 5:37pm

Texas A&M's '12th Man' Seems To Be A Lawyer

Here's how trademarks work: you apply for one, if nobody in the general public knows that you've applied for one and objects to your ownership rights over a word, phrase or symbol, and the trademark examiners don't find a competing mark, you get it. Later, you have to hassle people in order to keep it. Very rarely,… » 7/02/14 12:51pm 7/02/14 12:51pm

Drake's New Song Is A Big Shout Out To Johnny Manziel

The Johnny Manziel-Drake bromance continues apace. "Draft day, Johnny Manziel / Five years later, how am I the man still?" begins Drizzy's newest song, giving rarely seen prominence to the athlete-shout-out portion of a rap song (poor Andrew Wiggins gets second billing). » 4/02/14 11:58am 4/02/14 11:58am

Somehow The A&M Defense Was The Hero Of A 52-48 Bowl Win

Johnny Manziel will get much of the credit, and deservedly so since the Texas A&M defense allowed 38 points in the first half, but Johnny Football doesn't do what Johnny Football did unless his D tightened up in the second half. » 1/01/14 3:10pm 1/01/14 3:10pm

Police Seek Suspect In Rape During Texas A&M-LSU Football Game

Police issued a warrant Thursday for a suspect in a rape that occurred on LSU's campus during the Tigers' football game against Texas A&M. » 12/08/13 10:23pm 12/08/13 10:23pm

Auburn Upsets Texas A&M In College Station

Despite what looked like a fairly painful shoulder injury, Johnny Manziel did return to the game and was effective almost immediately. He came back in and lead a 12-play 75 yard scoring drive, capped off by a one-yard rushing touchdown. And then whatever they likely shot him up with started to wear off. » 10/19/13 8:07pm 10/19/13 8:07pm

Johnny Manziel Couldn't Throw After This Hit

Manziel was hit on a tumbling scramble on second-and-goal and immediately grabbed his right shoulder after it was driven into the ground. He got to his feet, tried walking to the bench and crumpled to the ground. » 10/19/13 6:57pm 10/19/13 6:57pm

Johnny Football Giveth And Johnny Football Taketh Away

In one series, in the less than two minutes, Johnny Manziel made Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide both seethe and clap stone-facedly with delight. » 9/14/13 5:07pm 9/14/13 5:07pm

Scandal no one cares about sadly putters on. Hey, here's a picture of Johnny Manziel signing something with a vaguely sketchy dude standing next to him. You could look at it... you could go read this cool history of malt liquor marketing. Whatever, you know? [ESPN] » 9/13/13 5:46pm 9/13/13 5:46pm

The Return Of Johnny Manziel: Counting Money And Refusing Autographs

Johnny Manziel returned to action this afternoon after his half-game suspension and quickly started making noise. After a 23-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter—which put A&M up 38-21—Manziel seems to celebrate by counting theoretical (spiritual?) cash. » 8/31/13 3:51pm 8/31/13 3:51pm

Texas A&M Won't Talk About Johnny Manziel This Week

Texas A&M will hold a press conference tomorrow in anticipation of Saturday's season-opener against Rice and Johnny Manziel will be noticeably absent, in body and spirit. The Aggies will not make Manziel available to reporters and the athletic director, Eric Hyman, has instructed the coaches and players to avoid… » 8/26/13 9:09pm 8/26/13 9:09pm

Johnny Manziel's Manning Camp Saga: MIA Friday Night, Caught Lying?

At SEC Media Days, Johnny Manziel blamed his cell phone and A.J. McCarron for oversleeping and arriving late to a Manning Passing Academy last Saturday. The site that broke the original story is now reporting McCarron couldn't have woken Manziel up—because Johnny Football didn't sleep in their room on Friday. » 7/20/13 5:55pm 7/20/13 5:55pm

Johnny Manziel Leaves Mannings’ Camp Early; Hangover? [UPDATING]

Johnny Manziel was one of many college quarterbacks to attend the Manning Passing Academy over the weekend. But he's the only one who was reportedly kicked out of it for being hungover. » 7/14/13 11:38am 7/14/13 11:38am

Kevin Sumlin Helped Johnny Manziel Overturn His Suspension

There was almost no Johnny Football. No Heisman Trophy. No two-loss season culminating in a Cotton Bowl win for the Aggies' successful SEC debut. After being suspended for the entire 2012 season, Johnny Manziel started making plans to transfer from Texas A&M. That's when the coach stepped in. » 6/26/13 10:55am 6/26/13 10:55am

Johnny Manziel Sounds Unhappy At Texas A&M

Thanks to the few tipsters who passed along this since-deleted tweet from Johnny Football early Sunday morning. Don't sweat it though, Johnny, whatever the bullshit was, it sounds like it was straight up bullshit. Still, don't be so quick to get out, you're the king of the world in college. » 6/16/13 9:31am 6/16/13 9:31am

"I Meant To Say 'Allegedly' Speeding, My Bad": A Texas Judge Was…

The screenshot on the right is from the Facebook account of Ennis, TX judge Lee Johnson, who apparently had a speeding ticket issed to Johnny Manziel come across his desk and apparently couldn't help himself. It's not easy deciding the best part between the solemn, beard-stroking "Gig Em indeed" and the addendum, "I… » 1/19/13 7:05pm 1/19/13 7:05pm

A Texas A&M Fan Made A Weird Music Video For Johnny Manziel

If you didn't think Texas A&M fans love Johnny Manziel (a.k.a. "Johnny Football"), stop doubting. An Aggie fan only known as "lvroper1959" uploaded this unsettling ode to Manziel called "Johnny Football," a cover of "Johnny Angel," a song released by Shelley Fabares in 1962. » 11/28/12 1:20pm 11/28/12 1:20pm