This Awful Statue May End Up Getting The TCU Student-Body President Impeached

This is supposed to be TCU's "SuperFrog" mascot, though it looks more like Sonic the Hedgehog waiting patiently for a crosstown bus. The student-body president is in a bit of trouble now that it's emerged that the school's student government never actually voted on the hideous thing. Did we mention that it cost… »10/30/12 4:27pm10/30/12 4:27pm

TCU To Leave The Big East Even Though It Still Isn't A Member

TCU might have been a geographic misfit when it joined the Big East, but its admission was thought by some to be the logical conclusion of the vision of the league's late founder, Dave Gavitt. On second thought, the school's exit for the Big 12 nine months before its Big East membership took effect actually might be.… »10/06/11 11:50am10/06/11 11:50am