Texas Avenges Their Sick Bovine Mascot, Shocks Oklahoma

The run-in to this week’s rivalry game against Oklahoma did not go well for Texas. First, Charlie Strong called social media “the downfall of society” in response to Kris Boyd tweeting about transferring during halftime. Then, his team kind of proved him right and got into some public squabbling about commitment.… »10/10/15 3:50pm10/10/15 3:50pm

Texas Player Tweets About Transferring During Halftime Of Blowout

TCU is currently sleepwalking through the second half of a seismic blowout over Texas in Fort Worth. Texas, despite almost scoring an upset against Oklahoma State last weekend, is at a true low point. It’s not entirely (or even mostly) coach Charlie Strong’s fault, but he is feeling the heat after a soon-to-be 1-4… »10/03/15 3:20pm10/03/15 3:20pm

Texas Linebacker Stricken With Sudden, Timely Bout Of Wefuckedupitis

When in doubt, pretend you’re injured. That’s how Edwin Freeman avoided being caught offside by Cal after the Longhorns linebacker started to head toward the sidelines with the Bears lined up to snap the ball on second-and-goal. Per NCAA rules, Texas burned a timeout for the injury anyway; with the ball at the one… »9/19/15 9:52pm9/19/15 9:52pm