Texas Race Track's Bacon Beer Milkshake Is Likely The Best Thing Ever

Texas, an already well-known culinary paradise where nothing is considered un-fryable, just got a little bit better this afternoon after the Texas Motor Speedway announced it will offer a bacon-infused beer milkshake as a concession. » 10/16/13 4:18pm 10/16/13 4:18pm

Man Shoots Himself In The Head At NRA 500

Yesterday during the National Rifle Association-sponsored NRA 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway, it was reported that a man died in the infield. Today, the medical examiner has determined the cause of death to be suicide. Kirk Franklin, 42, of Saginaw, Texas, shot himself in the head. The Associated Press (via USA… » 4/14/13 6:02pm 4/14/13 6:02pm

A Skydiver Damaged Kevin Harvick's Car Before Yesterday's Race

Kevin Harvick has never won a Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway, and two hours before Sunday's race he received a sign from above: This wasn't going to be the day. » 11/05/12 11:35am 11/05/12 11:35am

Monkeys Will Sell Programs, Hear Complaints About Jobs At Today's…

Their names are Rocky and Miki and they're the size of your average housecat. From noon until 2 p.m., they'll be selling souvenir programs at Texas Motor Speedway. » 11/07/10 11:30am 11/07/10 11:30am

Texas Speedway Honors 87-Year-Old Benefactor By Killing Him In Fiery…

The WWII vet was honored — for "a lifetime of blood donations" — with a ride at Texas Motor Speedway when his car plowed into the wall, killing him. How will they honor him for his organ donations? [AP] » 5/18/10 5:25pm 5/18/10 5:25pm