Yu Darvish To Miss At Least Four Months, Might Have Tommy John Surgery

The Texas Rangers will be without the services of All-Star pitcher Yu Darvish for at least four months, as the team announced that an MRI showed Darvish sprained the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. Darvish was shut down in August last season because of right elbow inflammation, but was pitching well and… » 3/07/15 12:07pm 3/07/15 12:07pm

Lotsa Rougneds

» 2/19/15 10:38am 2/19/15 10:38am

Guilder Rodríguez Gets First Big League Hit After 1,095 Games In Minors

Baseball's expanded September rosters are mostly just useful for letting fans of non-contending teams get a glimpse of the future. But two weeks ago the Texas Rangers did something pretty cool: they called up 31 year old utility infielder Guilder Rodríguez, who had played 1,095 games with ten different minor league… » 9/22/14 10:09pm 9/22/14 10:09pm

Mike Trout Somehow Touches Adrian Beltre's Head With No Resistance

You might want to sit down for this. After hitting a triple last night, Angels outfielder Mike Trout chatted with Adrian Beltre, and touched the Rangers third baseman's head without him getting mad. » 9/21/14 10:27am 9/21/14 10:27am

Ron Washington Acknowledges Infidelity, Doesn't Explain Why He Resigned

Ron Washington resigned abruptly as Rangers manager on Sept. 5, with GM Jon Daniels offering only that it was "not drug-related." At a press conference today, Washington offered the tiniest sliver of explanation—and a big red flag that something worse is hanging over his head. » 9/18/14 2:55pm 9/18/14 2:55pm

Ron Washington Resigns As Rangers Manager For "Personal Matter"

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington unexpectedly resigned from his position today, citing the desire to "devote my full attention to addressing an off-the-field personal matter." » 9/05/14 4:07pm 9/05/14 4:07pm

Adrian Beltre And Elvis Andrus Continue To Be Hilarious

Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus, who are basically baseball's version of a buddy-cop duo at this point, put on another one of their comedy routines last night. After Andrus floated over to his right to field a pop fly in Beltre's territory, the two had a little tête-à-tête about who exactly needs to learn to stay… » 8/26/14 9:44am 8/26/14 9:44am

Challenger Emerges For Worst First Pitch Ever: Miss Texas

Replicating this to any degree of exactitude could actually be a contestant's talent routine in a beauty pageant. Miss Texas Monique Evans's form, a horse mascot, and most importantly, the perfect watching-a-car-drive-by reaction, all make this an incredibly rare and difficult feat. » 8/16/14 3:25pm 8/16/14 3:25pm

Adam Dunn Pitched In A Game Tuesday Night

If there is a silver lining to a 15-0 game, it's the possibility that you might see something absurd, like watching a bear-man with 457 career home runs pitch in the ninth inning. Adam Dunn was called in to pitch the final inning for the White Sox tonight in a Rangers blowout. In one inning of work, Dunn allowed one… » 8/06/14 12:49am 8/06/14 12:49am

The Rangers Cap Off Rough Sixth Inning With Outfield Beanball

The Yankees scored seven runs in the sixth inning, the last coming thanks to this fielding miscue in right-center field. Alex Rios looks like he had a bead on a fly ball from Brett Gardner, but closes his glove too soon, causing it to bounce into centerfielder Leonys Martin and ricochet off his skull. The brush with… » 7/29/14 10:24pm 7/29/14 10:24pm

Brett Gardner Only Hits Home Runs Against Yu Darvish

Until Brett Gardner's seventh-inning single off Darvish, that headline was actually not hyperbole; it was fact. He had four career hits in 10 at-bats against Darvish, all home runs. » 7/28/14 11:26pm 7/28/14 11:26pm

Derek Holland And The Rangers Play A Game Called "Fart Bottle Roulette"

On Wednesday, Derek Holland went on the radio and told listeners of KRLD-FM about a game called Fart Bottle Roulette. I'm going to quote Derek Holland's explanation of what Fart Bottle Roulette is in just a minute, but you already know what Fart Bottle Roulette entails. You do. » 7/17/14 10:25pm 7/17/14 10:25pm

Rangers Fan Gets Hit By A Foul Ball, Grows Big Ol' Bruise

The video doesn't show this unfortunate Rangers fan getting hit with a foul ball, but we sure as hell get to see the aftermath. His friend got the baseball while he received a nice bruise for his trouble. » 7/10/14 11:33am 7/10/14 11:33am

Leonys Martin Robs Nelson Cruz Of Homer, Impresses Cruz

Tonight, Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin made a brilliant catch at the wall to rob former teammate and current Orioles outfielder Nelson Cruz of a home run. Even Cruz had to acknowledge Martin's effort. » 7/02/14 10:00pm 7/02/14 10:00pm

Carlos Peña Hits Home Run Into Brisket

Carlos Peña broke into the majors with the Rangers 13 years ago. Now he's back in the Dallas metroplex, and celebrating his return by hitting home runs into tubs of beef brisket. » 6/26/14 12:40am 6/26/14 12:40am

Adrian Beltre Gets 2,500th Hit, Unwanted Head Touching

Adrian Beltre collected his 2,500th hit in Tuesday night's game against the Tigers. (That's pretty impressive! He's only the seventh third baseman to reach the mark.) Miguel Cabrera was at first base to give him the ball and a quick touch on the head. Beltre, a man who hates having his head touched, did not appreciate… » 6/25/14 10:20am 6/25/14 10:20am

Ian Kinsler Homers, Mocks His Former Teammates

Remember when Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler turned his ESPN The Magazine profile into a platform from which to hurl molotov cocktails at his former team, the Texas Rangers, after he was traded to Detroit? It does not appear that time has done much to erode the animosity that Kinsler feels toward his former club. » 6/25/14 9:56am 6/25/14 9:56am

Elvis Andrus After Getting Hit With Pickoff Attempt: "AW SHIT!"

ESPN's love of microphones gave us an unexpected Sunday Night Baseball moment when Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus was tagged in the arm on a failed pickoff attempt from Angels pitcher Matt Shoemaker. We hear the "AW SHIT" before we know its reason. » 6/22/14 10:37pm 6/22/14 10:37pm