Implosion Destructo-Porn: Texas Stadium Edition

Preceded by fireworks (and onlookers paying an admission fee), the 39-year-old Texas Stadium was reduced to rubble this morning. Jerry Jones is a secular Shiva: destroying, in order to re-create. » 4/11/10 11:30am 4/11/10 11:30am

Irving To Milk One Last Cash Grab Out Of Texas Stadium

It'll cost fans and demolition aficionados (I call them demolitionados) $25 per vehicle to watch next month's implosion of Texas Stadium. The hole in the roof is so God can watch the implosion for free. That's the saying, right? [AP] » 3/18/10 12:30am 3/18/10 12:30am

The Demolition of Texas Stadium, Brought To You By Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft is sponsoring the upcoming destruction of the Cowboys' old home, along with a children's essay contest where the winner gets to pull the trigger. Bet you wish you'd taught your kids to read and write now, eh Philadelphia? » 1/02/10 2:45pm 1/02/10 2:45pm

Fare Thee Well, Texas Stadium

If you're the type of individual with feelings for structures in which sporting events take place, then today has been a rather emotionally draining day. » 12/20/08 6:45pm 12/20/08 6:45pm