Kansas State Player High-Fives Invisible Teammates Between Free Throws

Kansas State's Wesley Iwundu took technical free throws against Texas Tech tonight, meaning that there were no teammates on the lines to high-five between shots. Iwundu still went through the motions, though. » 2/25/14 11:50pm 2/25/14 11:50pm

Texas Tech Bell-Ringer Is, Uh, Very Vigorous

Texas Tech has a tradition of ringing bells during football games. When seen through the angle of a TV camera, though, it can appear that the bell-ringer is ringing, uh, something else. » 9/12/13 9:34pm 9/12/13 9:34pm

Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury's Hashtag Game Is So On Point

Kliff Kingsbury continues to be the swaggiest swag bro to ever coach Division I college football. When he's not swaggin' all around the practice field with his players, he's leaving them cheeky notes with valuable fitness tips. Also, hashtags. » 5/08/13 2:10pm 5/08/13 2:10pm

Video: Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury's Swag Cannot Be Contained

When we last checked in with the Texas Tech football program, we were giggling like school children at this farcical email, sent from a booster to the school's deputy athletic director. Recall: the email was all about how to craft new head coach Kliff Kingsbury's image into one that would vault him onto the… » 3/29/13 10:40am 3/29/13 10:40am

Tommy Tuberville Literally Left Texas Tech In The Middle Of A Dinner…

Tommy Tuberville left Texas Tech for Cincinnati this weekend, an odd occurrence that left the athletic department at Texas Tech "completely blindsided." Also blindsided by Tuberville's exit: The recruits with whom he was having dinner, when Tuberville left—to go to the bathroom? to take a phone call from Cincinnati AD… » 12/12/12 12:35pm 12/12/12 12:35pm

Texas Tech Fan's "Casey Pachall Did Cocaine" Reference Is Priceless

Earlier in the month, TCU quarterback Casey Pachall was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated. He was suspended and later withdrew from school to enter rehab. It capped a tumultuous few months for Pachall. » 10/21/12 11:28am 10/21/12 11:28am

Texas Tech And TCU Combine For 37 Points After The End Of The Fourth…

Texas Tech and TCU combined to score 109 points in an incredible game that took a solid four hours and saw a hundred or so lead changes. After excellent individual performances from Texas Tech QB Seth Doege, TCU WR Skye Dawson, TCU Kicker Jaden Oberkrom (who went an icy 11/11 on field goals and extra points to… » 10/20/12 7:56pm 10/20/12 7:56pm

Texas A&M Doesn't Know What Feces Look Like

What's worse than vandalizing a rival school's team buses, flinging shit all over? Saying your rivals did just that, when the truth is much more prosaic and less poopy. » 10/10/11 7:30pm 10/10/11 7:30pm

Emails Provide Deliciously Candid Insight Into Mike Leach's…

Earlier this week, Spencer Hall alluded to the "contentious" nature of the negotiations surrounding the contract from which Mike Leach was recently relieved. Now, emails obtained by the Dallas Morning News illuminate just how contentious those negotiations really were. » 1/02/10 11:40am 1/02/10 11:40am

Mike Leach, Texas Tech Finally Renew Their Vows

There were some dicey moments there when we all thought we were looking at the new head coach of Abilene Christian (or, you know, somewhere). But Mike Leach and Texas Tech have come to terms. » 2/19/09 6:15pm 2/19/09 6:15pm

Michael Crabtree Decides He'd Like To Take The Chance He Won't Be…

Oh, if only Matt Millen were still the GM of the Detroit Lions, we'd know exactly where the Texas Tech wideout was headed next season. They can't pick him now can they? [AP] » 1/13/09 4:20pm 1/13/09 4:20pm

Graham Harrell Will Be Your Man For All Seasons

Isn't this an adorable picture? According to these fine destinations, the gentleman in the top left corner decked out in a snazzy Christmas sweater is Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell. The sweater is one more befitting of an early 90's R & B group or a NAMBLA holiday card than a Heisman hopeful, but he still… » 12/10/08 2:15pm 12/10/08 2:15pm

USC Wins Hypothetical Playoff According To Vegas Odds

Leave it to Las Vegas to sate all our needs. Even those we didn't know we had before. (I'm looking at you midget escort service.) Everyone knows that the idea of a playoff is so awfully complicated that it would require a Manhattan Project-level commitment before anything could happen. Or, you know, a sports book… » 12/09/08 2:45pm 12/09/08 2:45pm

College Football Roundup: At Least You Don't Live In Michigan Edition

Yesterday I landed in Detroit for Thanksgiving. Our first stop upon arriving was an Italian restaurant where my wife's grandmother was celebrating her 80th birthday. I'm standing at the bar watching the the Titans-Jets game on the television and occasionally a sports fan from Michigan wonders by to see what's on the… » 11/24/08 12:00pm 11/24/08 12:00pm

Oklahoma Embarrasses Texas Tech

• Oklahoma destroyed Texas Tech 65-21 in a must win game, keeping their hopes for a championship alive and sending the Red Raiders limping home with sore bungholes. Sooners' quarterback Sam Bradford threw for 304 yards and four touchdowns and the running game contributed five more in an effort to make up for an… » 11/23/08 10:00am 11/23/08 10:00am

College Football Preview: I've Got a Crush on Mike Leach

I've got a crush on Mike Leach. I don't want to go on a date and eat cheese fries with him and watch planes take off from Lubbock or anything but I'm not going to pretend I don't like him anymore. We aren't in 8th grade. So I'm coming clean. My football team, the Tennessee Vols, has never had a coaching search in my… » 11/21/08 12:15pm 11/21/08 12:15pm

College Football Preview: Avoiding Landmines Edition

Now that everyone knows exactly what's going to happen with the rest of the college football season, this is when something inevitably blows up. Because if there's one thing we know about the convoluted BCS system, it's this: nothing is certain with three weekends to go. Alabama still has to get past Mississippi… » 11/14/08 1:30pm 11/14/08 1:30pm

College Football Roundup: The Hailey and Hanna Nutt Edition

In honor of BCS clarity arriving (thanks to Iowa we now know that the Big 12 will play the SEC for all the gold in Zimbabwe—that isn't already smuggled to Zurich), we bring you two striking young lasses who recently transferred from Arkansas to rejoin their daddy at Ole Miss. Meet Hailey and Hanna Nutt, the 20-year… » 11/10/08 12:45pm 11/10/08 12:45pm

College Football Preview: John Parker Wilson's Cell Phone Belongs to…

Alabama's John Parker Wilson is the latest SEC player attempting to overcome the LSU fans snagging his cell phone number and listing it everywhere on the internets. Confounding Cajuns. You'll recall that earlier this season Knowshon Moreno and A.J. Green were the victims » 11/07/08 1:00pm 11/07/08 1:00pm. They joined Tim Tebow from last year. Imagine…

Texas Tech Has Arrived

The crowd in Lubbock, Texas had reason to rush the field not once, but twice last night. A last second TD pass from Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree capped off an amazing comeback win for the no. 7 Red Raiders against the country's top ranked team. After Colt McCoy gave the Longhorns a 33-32 lead with just over a… » 11/02/08 10:00am 11/02/08 10:00am