Rick Reilly® Talks To Lance Armstrong's Ass Again

Rick Reilly's annual exercise in mistaking Lance Armstrong for Saint Sebastian is upon us, and once again it finds our correspondent at his subject's massage table, taking in the view. » 7/06/10 3:45pm 7/06/10 3:45pm

Deadspin I-Team: Is This Cole Hamels's Butt?

A routine Jamie Moyer interview took a turn toward Sipowicz Territory when a mysterious nude Phillie bared most in the background. But is it Cole Hamels? The Fightins seems to think so. Deadspin I-Team: Assemble! More evidence after the jump. » 6/28/10 5:45pm 6/28/10 5:45pm

The Britches Of Arkansas County: A Rear-Gazing Dispatch From The World…

Sam Eifling spent a recent Saturday in Stuttgart, Ark., at the World's Championship Duck Calling Contest and its Duck Gumbo party, a rollicking bumpkin Mardi Gras that has taken for its central rite the practice of slapping that ass. » 1/01/10 1:30pm 1/01/10 1:30pm