New St. Louis Ballpark Village Has A Ridiculous Dress Code

This year, a massive dining and entertainment hub known as the St. Louis Ballpark Village is set to open across the street from Busch Stadium. It is described as "sports anchored entertainment district." It is also the sort of place where the bars have a dress code to keep out what your bigoted great-aunt might call… »3/26/14 1:54pm3/26/14 1:54pm


Fans Dress In KKK Hoods At A North Dakota High School Hockey Game, Coach Calls It "Pretty Tacky"

And that was the better response from a school administrator. Someone is either very handy with the Photoshop and committed to making North Dakota-area high schoolers look bad, or there are some extreeemely intolerant and/or stupid North Dakota-area high schoolers. From The Grand Forks Herald: »2/23/13 10:45am2/23/13 10:45am