Here's A 1989 Episode Of Michael Jordan's Lost Television Show

A reader named Scott alerted us to this video, which is apparently an episode of a local television show Michael Jordan had in 1989 called Michael Jordan's Airwaves. MJ sits down with Chicago sports anchor Jim Rose in front of a live studio audience to talk about the upcoming season. It oozes 80s goodness. Here are… »11/29/12 5:50pm11/29/12 5:50pm

Dave Winfield Appeared In An 80's Ad For Toronto Tourism, Years Before Joining The Blue Jays

Dave Winfield only spent one season with the Blue Jays, but his role in helping Toronto win the 1992 World Series made him a legend in the eyes of Hogtownians. That wasn't always the case, though. After a 1983 incident in which Winfield killed a seagull during warmup tosses—an incident that earned him animal-cruelty… »6/14/12 11:50am6/14/12 11:50am

Why Does This High School Basketball Team Photo Have An Uzi And A Tank In It?

We all love laughing at old team photos. There's the passé fashion and the awkward facial expressions, and some dude's dumb dog is always the "team mascot." The photo above is no exception. Look at those short shorts! The bad haircuts! The gigantic tank and semi-automatic weapon! What a bunch of dweebs—wait, what? »6/07/12 3:50pm6/07/12 3:50pm

Learn To Jog In Place With Phil Simms's 1987 NFL Workout Video

Phil Simms released this workout video in 1987, the year he was named Super Bowl MVP. It has lots of Lycra, big hair, and some help from pros Todd Christensen, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Phil McConkey, Reggie Williams, Gary Anderson, and Rulon Jones. If by chance you still own a VHS player, you can get this on… »2/24/11 7:30pm2/24/11 7:30pm