Bachelor Contestant Has Laugh About Yadi Molina Cancer Sign

Every year the World Series sets aside a few minutes to recognize the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Stand Up To Cancer program, inviting players, coaches, umpires, and fans to write the name of someone affected by the disease on a sign and hold it before TV cameras. A few fans tonight decided to make a mockery… »10/27/13 11:18pm10/27/13 11:18pm


Jesse Palmer's First Reviews Are In, And They're Not Good

There are so many reasons to dislike Jesse Palmer. Being a contestant on The Bachelor »10/11/08 1:00pm10/11/08 1:00pm. Being Canadian. Being so ... handsome? And the worst part about him is that he just won't leave us alone, popping up in the darnedest of places. Like our dreams. Or, more universally, invading our aural space during this year's…