Jamie Moyer Has The Oldest Grudges In Major League Baseball, Too

Nobody survives till age 49 in the major leagues without making enemies. Hence Jamie Moyer's dustup with whippersnapper Chipper Jones this weekend. And before that, the middle-aged mushballer talked to Westword for a feature story. In one of the outtakes, he explained that he had come close to signing this year not… » 5/08/12 1:20pm 5/08/12 1:20pm

History Is Bunk, When The New York Times Writes It About The Yankees

Two of the worst things in sports are Yankees homerism and New York Times writers who want to impress people. Put them together, and you get the Times's Mark Viera, coming off the sports department bench to gloat in yesterday's paper about the Yankees' 2-1 win over the Orioles the night before. His opener: » 5/02/12 2:10pm 5/02/12 2:10pm