The Basement Tapes Complete Gives You All The Bob Dylan You Can Stand

Chronology imposes narrative when all else fails. So thank the tape-crawlers who've assembled Bob Dylan and the Band's The Basement Tapes Complete, the 11th volume of The Bootleg Series, Dylan and Sony Music's shrewd posterity-burnishing enterprise, for putting the thing together in as close to properly recorded order… »11/05/14 4:21pm11/05/14 4:21pm


Here's The Balls-Out Levon Helm Grammy Awards Memorial Tribute Performance Of "The Weight"

First things first: as rock critic Steven Hyden said immediately after this performance, it only proved further that nobody could sing a song quite like Levon Helm could sing a song. Regardless, pulling together some superstars for a rockin' performance of "The Weight," that song cool guys sing at Karaoke Night if… »2/10/13 11:28pm2/10/13 11:28pm