Alleged Murderer Has Cardinals And White Sox Logos Among His Face Tats

This Chicago man has been arrested and charged with murder after allegedly shooting and killing a man over the 4th of July weekend. Aside from being the kind of guy who allegedly shoots people and gets "Fuck The World" tattooed on his forehead, he also appears to be a fan of both the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago… »7/09/14 12:26pm7/09/14 12:26pm


The Cardinals Are Very Embarrassed By Carlos Martinez's Wall Of Porn

Yesterday, we brought you news of Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez's big ol' wall of Twitter porn. Somehow, Carlos Martinez's big ol' wall of Twitter porn was perceived by his skipper, Mike Matheny, to be the kind of issue and "distraction" that required a face-to-face meeting between the two. Today is officially one… »2/25/14 11:36am2/25/14 11:36am