Colbert Brings Jon Stewart To Tears With Correspondents' Farewell

The first 25+ minutes of tonight’s final Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured the full gallery of correspondents during Stewart’s 16 years at the show’s helm, many of whom graduated from the program to become stars in their own right. But no star shone brighter than Stephen Colbert, whose celebration of Stewart’s… » 8/06/15 11:34pm 8/06/15 11:34pm

Mocking The Cubs: America's Fun New Sport

Some may say that the rest of America is piling on the Chicago Cubs and their fans; making too much sport of their misery. But is not our gentle mocking really a welcome distraction from all of the really serious problems in the world? I say that the Cubs are actually keeping this country sane. Witness if you will… » 10/08/08 5:30pm 10/08/08 5:30pm