Here Is The Most Insane Review Of The Dark Knight Rises You Will Ever Read

Do you remember those kids in your college literature course who were the absolute worst during discussions? The ones who would make completely off-the-wall statements about even the most straightforward pieces of literature. The ones who would say shit like, "Actually, I think Bartleby The Scrivener is really about… »7/21/12 12:45pm7/21/12 12:45pm


Just Three More Months Until The Dark Knight Rises, Folks

It always seems like the summer movie season begins earlier every year, but it doesn't, not really. The unofficial beginning in 2012 is May 4, when The Avengers—a movie that's so big, apparently, that it turned massive tentpole films like Iron Man 2 and Thor into, essentially, prequels—opens wide, followed in… »4/11/12 3:26pm4/11/12 3:26pm