Dee Mirich's Stock Portfolio Just Got A Little Fatter

You spent months and months working for Barbaro; writing letters, praying, and painstakingly Photoshopping tubes of Elmer's glue. Now, it's time to make Barbaro to work for you. Word has come down that Barbaro's final resting place may be Churchill Downs, site of his Kentucky Derby triumph. Bobby won't be paying… » 1/31/07 12:45pm 1/31/07 12:45pm

So Lift Your Glass To Barbaro, And Sing No Mournful Songs

Yes, it's sad that Barbaro is gone, but all of this talk of angels and candles and galloping around in the clouds is making our neck chafe, like when we were a kid and had to wear the clip-on tie in Sunday school. We prefer to think of Barbaro this way, consuming many beers down at that sports bar in the sky, where… » 1/30/07 11:00am 1/30/07 11:00am