The Legacy Of The Decision: Everyone Is Taking His Talents Somewhere

Aside from the alleged traitorousness, arrogance, callousness, short-sightedness, and all the other negative adjectives that have been largely forgotten or forgiven with LeBron James's recent success, the lasting aspect of The Decision will be a particularly clunky bit of phraseology that has nonetheless caught on:… » 2/05/14 4:03pm 2/05/14 4:03pm

Shane Battier Announces He's Joining The Heat Via Jimmy Buffett Quote

If you were looking for a fresh reason to hate on the Miami Heat this year, Shane Battier's come through for you. The Grizzlies forward announced on Twitter this morning that he's joining the Heat. Somehow, a Jimmy Buffett reference made it into the mix. That alone almost makes this more damning than LeBron's The… » 12/08/11 10:25am 12/08/11 10:25am

"A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished, You Know?": Meet The Innovator Who…

There's another important American anniversary to celebrate this week, and one that we should all be congratulated for enduring together: a year ago this Friday, July 8, LeBron James settled into a director's chair at a Greenwich Boys & Girls Club and told Jim Gray about biting his fingernails. He also announced that he … » 7/05/11 2:50pm 7/05/11 2:50pm

The Decision About LeBron's Decision Was An Orgy Of Self-Interest, With …

There's a brief section about The Decision in Those Guys Have All the Fun, and if the details aren't exactly fresh, the takeaway is somewhat new: Everyone involved was using everyone else for their own ends to produce what amounted to a massive orgy that they all came to regret the next day. And LeBron was just the… » 5/19/11 5:47pm 5/19/11 5:47pm

LeBron Says The Backlash Against Him Had "A Race Factor"

LeBron James and Maverick Carter offered that as a partial explanation for the negative publicity he's gotten this summer. I don't think anyone's gone the race route on this yet (besides Jesse Jackson), but what do you know? Here we are. » 9/30/10 12:55pm 9/30/10 12:55pm