Saint Joseph's Player Gives Villanova Fans The Finger, Then Blows The…

There are goats. And then there are goats. Get a load of what Saint Joseph's junior forward Halil Kanacevic did during last night's loss to Philly rival Villanova. He shit the bed during the game's final two minutes, but he also made it easy for everyone to dog him for it because he had given the Villanova student… » 12/12/12 2:10pm 12/12/12 2:10pm

Crazy Old Man Gives Bills The Bird

Unfortunately, that grumpy coot just happens to be the owner of the Tennessee Titans and his affinity for the ol' double deuce is now immortalized on YouTube. If you have hands, feel free to nervously wring them. » 11/16/09 12:10pm 11/16/09 12:10pm