After An Absolute Rock Fight In The Georgia Dome, Louisville Knocks Off Wichita State With The Help Of A Phantom Jump Ball

Down 12 with 13:15 remaining, Louisville clawed back with defense that changed the game's atmosphere from "celebratory" to "panic attack," and hit just enough shots to surpass a Wichita State team whose game plan gradually fell apart in the final minutes. Of course, the comeback might not be the story of one the best… » 4/06/13 9:08pm 4/06/13 9:08pm

A UC Santa Barbara Soccer Player Was Handcuffed On The Field And Removed From A Game For Punching A Referee

Either during overtime or directly after a loss to UC Davis today, UC Santa Barbara defender (and one-time Second Team All-Big West selection) Peter McGlynn punched a referee that had just tossed him from the game. One early account said McGlynn punched the head official after a 2-1 overtime loss, another said McGlynn… » 10/28/12 11:59pm 10/28/12 11:59pm

The NBA Is Finally Doing Something About Flopping

It's been a big story over the past few seasons: NBA players—in increasingly large numbers, rather than in isolated instances of Divacs and Lambieers and Reggie Millers—had outsmarted the league and taken advantage of the difficulty on officiating NBA games by just falling on the floor all the time and acting hurt.… » 9/30/12 9:20am 9/30/12 9:20am

Michael Morse Ran The Bases Backwards, Swung With No Bat, And Re-Ran The Bases Forwards Tonight

I'll get you up to speed, so you can just skip all the official review in between: First inning, bases loaded in Busch Stadium for Michael Morse. He hits a long fly ball which bounces off the top of the outfield wall, hits the Energizer ad behind the wall, and comes back into the outfield. The ball is in play, and… » 9/29/12 9:55pm 9/29/12 9:55pm