Bad Company Man Jeff Van Gundy Brings Up Augusta's Discrimination

Beginning tomorrow, ESPN will broadcast the first two rounds of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, so during tonight’s NBA contest they ran a little promo for it. Unfortunately for ESPN and the Masters, play-by-play man Mike Breen went off-script and imagined a world in which Jeff Van Gundy was calling the… »4/09/15 12:00am4/09/15 12:00am

[Bubba Watson stares down a ball on the 16th green, surrounded by a sea of sweaty, colored shirts.

[Bubba Watson stares down a ball on the 16th green, surrounded by a sea of sweaty, colored shirts. The 35-year-old won his second Masters in three years Sunday, finishing 8 under par, three shots in front of Jonas Blixt and exciting rookie Jordan Spieth. Photo by David Cannon/Getty] »4/13/14 7:02pm4/13/14 7:02pm

Luke Donald Was Ratted Out By Masters Spectators

Englishman Luke Donald had a rough first round at the Masters, carding a 77 even before being notified of a two-stroke penalty for a bunker shot on nine. It seems Donald grounded his club with the ball still in the sand, and nobody would have noticed—if not for a couple of eagle-eyed fans who tattled on him, almost by… »4/11/14 2:01pm4/11/14 2:01pm

Our Pimento Cheese Is Better Than Augusta National's

The Masters Tournament started yesterday (Go Tiger! ...oh, never mind.), and Bon Appétit's Adam Rapoport is chatting about Masters foods, and dammit, that's a perfectly good excuse to remind you that our pimento cheese karate-chops the shriveled, linen-suit-clad nards off the orange sludge they're serving at Augusta… »4/11/14 1:39pm4/11/14 1:39pm

I'm Bon Appétit's Adam Rapoport. Let's Talk About Masters Food.

Adam Rapoport is the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit; before that, he was GQ's style editor, and before that he was the editor of the restaurant section at Time Out New York and worked as an editor and writer for the James Beard Foundation's Publications Office. He also happens to be a sports fan, and is here today on… »4/11/14 1:30pm4/11/14 1:30pm