Robin van Persie Own Goal Ensures Netherlands Fail To Qualify For Euros

With the 2016 European Championships expanding from the usual 16 teams to 24, it should have been a given that the Netherlands would qualify. They finished third at last year’s World Cup, and boast a roster full of future stars and Champions League veterans. Yet going into today’s final group qualifying match against… »10/13/15 8:49pm10/13/15 8:49pm


The World Cup's Third-Place Game Is A Goddamned Disgrace To Soccer

When Spain were dealt an embarrassing group stage exit a jet was chartered to fly their players back to Madrid as soon as a flight path could be cleared. Just a matter of hours after their final game against Australia, the Spanish squad was at São Paulo International Airport, perusing the Duty Free and the Hudson News… »7/12/14 12:48pm7/12/14 12:48pm

The Netherlands Smack Chile, Win Group B, Appear Unstoppable

The Netherlands played Chile today in the deciding match to see which country would finish atop Group B. The Netherlands demolished Spain in the opener, and dispatched Australia, but Chile had also won both of their matches, and it was reasonable to assume that the Dutch, who were without the suspended Robin van… »6/23/14 3:28pm6/23/14 3:28pm

Here's A Japanese Announcer Calling The Netherlands' Upset Over Cuba, Because International Baseball Is Awesome

I will admit to having been a WBC Doubting Thomas. Even as the first two editions produced their share of exciting moments, there was no lasting image, or huge shake-up of the baseball hierarchy. This year, though? I take back every use of the word "exhibition." Between the U.S.'s two stirring comeback wins, the… »3/11/13 3:48pm3/11/13 3:48pm