How To Win Your First Week At A New Job

The nice thing about a new job is that it probably won’t start sucking immediately. It’ll be easy at first—kind of like the first week of class, where the only thing expected of you is your presence and appropriate clothing (anything beyond pajamas). But unlike the first week of school, your first week here is the… »5/19/15 3:29pm5/19/15 3:29pm


It's Giant Balls Vs. Dwight Schrute For Hearts And Minds On Super Bowl Sunday

In a bold frontal attack that makes Pickett's charge look like a game of Red Rover and the Normandy Invasion seem like a visit from the grandparents, ABC will storm NBC's programming fortress on Super Bowl Sunday with the intent of stealing ever viewer possible. Their weapon? The obstacle course shenanigans of Wipeout »12/09/08 10:15am12/09/08 10:15am