Steve Carell, The Star Next Door

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is probably the most Steve Carell movie that Steve Carell has ever made. With someone else at the helm, this comedy-drama's quirky/emo storyline—two mismatched East Coast neighbors take a road trip together as the planet is weeks away from destruction—might have been awfully… » 6/20/12 4:41pm 6/20/12 4:41pm

It's Giant Balls Vs. Dwight Schrute For Hearts And Minds On Super Bowl…

In a bold frontal attack that makes Pickett's charge look like a game of Red Rover and the Normandy Invasion seem like a visit from the grandparents, ABC will storm NBC's programming fortress on Super Bowl Sunday with the intent of stealing ever viewer possible. Their weapon? The obstacle course shenanigans of Wipeout » 12/09/08 10:15am 12/09/08 10:15am

Don't Worry Golfers; Kevin Has Your Back

So if Kevin Malone were organizing a dream golf foursome, what three Office characters would he choose? That's a tough one (answer following the jump). One thing you should know, though: Brian Baumgartner has very little in common with Kevin Malone. Except that both are funny. » 7/14/08 1:30pm 7/14/08 1:30pm