Jerry Buss, Surrounded By Boobs: A Tribute To The Greatest NBA Owner Ever

Jerry Buss died today. The 80-year-old was arguably the greatest NBA owner in the history of the league. He was also a world-class Playmate aficionado who frequently dated teenage girls and used to host his birthday party at a brothel. To put it in more appropriate obituary terms, the man was "known for his eye for… »2/18/13 5:35pm2/18/13 5:35pm

Watch Charlie Manuel Read Phillies Players' Tweets Out Loud

I went to the MLB Fan Cave about a year ago. The place bummed me out. Two aspiring actors—actors, in the sense that they'd be good fits to play Turtle in Entourage: the Musical—sat before a lot of TV screens and Pepsi Max ads. Now I think back on it, there was bottomless Pepsi Max. And Bud Light, in those aluminum… »6/04/12 1:30pm6/04/12 1:30pm

The Boxscore Has The Silliest (And Best) Explanation For Why Tim Duncan Didn't Play Tonight

Tim Duncan wasn't hurt tonight. He merely took a day off from the daunting post-lockout grind to rest his bones, and his Spurs beat the Sixers anyway, 93-76. The boxscore says "DNP-REST." The NBA's, pictured above, wasn't so politically correct. "DND-OLD." Poor, poor, old Tim Duncan. He turns 36 in a month. »3/25/12 10:45pm3/25/12 10:45pm

Jamie Moyer Will Begin Rehab And Hopes To Pitch In 2012, Despite That Whole Turning 49 Years Old Thing

The Phillies have steamrolled the National League this year, and it seems like they've been doing that a lot lately. But they've done it without their soft-tossing lefty on-field mascot, Jamie Moyer, whose slow, painful, surprising march to 300 wins was undone last year by his ulnar collateral ligament. »8/29/11 4:00pm8/29/11 4:00pm

These Ladies Waited 185 Years To See The Mets Lose

Setting aside the fact that one's in a wheelchair and the team has been around for less than half of the other's life, that's still pretty good willpower. But Rebecca Lazofsky, 102, and daughter Miriam, 85, finally took in their first Mets game yesterday. One hopes they stuck around until the 9th so they could see the… »6/20/11 4:25pm6/20/11 4:25pm

Joe Paterno Uses Skype, Wonders Why He Can't Get A Dial Tone

Obvious joke: I had no idea you could Skype on the Jitterbug. Actually, you know what, this whole post and comments section is going to be obvious jokes about old people using technology. So let's just say this is probably some sort of recruiting violation, and Paterno thought he was talking to his great-grandchildren… »6/07/11 8:30pm6/07/11 8:30pm