Let's Not Forget The Second Mile, The Other Big Organization That Did Nothing To Stop Jerry Sandusky

Centre County (Pa.) made the transcripts of Jerry Sandusky's trial testimony available to the public last week. The documents total more than 2,500 pages, and included in them are some of the on-the-record conversations involving the trial judge and attorneys for both sides that took place in the judge's chambers. In… »9/25/12 3:10pm9/25/12 3:10pm


Paterno, Chairman Of Jerry Sandusky's Charity Were Pursuing $125M Real Estate Deal When Sandusky Was Caught Allegedly Sodomizing Boy

One might be tempted to say this thickens the plot, but let's resist temptation and merely state the facts: When Mike McQueary told Joe Paterno in 2002 that he'd seen Jerry Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the shower, Paterno was in business with longtime Second Mile board chairman Robert Poole to build a $125… »12/05/11 1:30pm12/05/11 1:30pm

Jerry Sandusky's Charity Settles Lawsuit Brought By Alleged Victim A Week Ago

That was fast. Last Wednesday, a man claiming to be a new Sandusky victim came forward to sue The Second Mile (and Sandusky and Penn State, as well). The man, known as John Doe #4, claimed to have been sexually abused by Sandusky more than 100 times from 1992 to 1996, including in Sandusky's home, the PSU locker… »12/01/11 6:25pm12/01/11 6:25pm

More (Visual) Evidence That Randy Edsall Should Be Stopped

I was home in D.C. this past weekend reading the shitrag that used to be theWashington Post when I came across John Feinstein obliterating Maryland football coach Randy Edsall in the sports section. Feinstein described Edsall as a fool and an egomaniac who needs to be stopped before he ruins the school. "[Maryland]… »11/29/11 1:25pm11/29/11 1:25pm

Penn State Paid $28 Million To Another Company With Close Ties To Sandusky's Charity

Yes, Penn State and The Second Mile overlapped in many ways. Penn State grad students wrote essays for the charity's annual reports. Second Mile kids participated in programs on the university campus. And companies controlled by Second Mile board members scored juicy contracts from Penn State. Earlier today, we… »11/18/11 5:50pm11/18/11 5:50pm

Second Mile Is ... Penn State: School Paid $25 Million To Company Run By Chairman Of Sandusky's Charity

Bob Poole is the chairman of The Second Mile board of directors (or, perhaps, former chairman—nobody really knows who's running things now). He's held that position for 17 years. He was chairman, then, in 1998, when an attorney for both Second Mile and Penn State learned about an investigation into alleged sexual… »11/18/11 3:25pm11/18/11 3:25pm

Past And Present Board Members Of Sandusky's Charity And Their Businesses Or Families Gave $641,481.21 To Gov. Tom Corbett

Earlier today, we reported that some two dozen current and former board members at The Second Mile had given money to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's 2010 campaign. The board members donated a combined $201,783.64, to be exact. But direct contributions are hardly the end of it. Big donors can also encourage family… »11/16/11 5:50pm11/16/11 5:50pm

ESPN Sort Of Comments, Then Refuses To Comment On Matt Millen's Status At The Second Mile

Earlier today, we reached out to ESPN for clarification on analyst Matt Millen's role at The Second Mile. The charity's website listed Millen as a member of the The Second Mile's honorary board, a nominal role absent of responsibility. The 2009 and 2010 tax returns for the charity, however, had Millen listed as a… »11/11/11 6:48pm11/11/11 6:48pm

Second Mile's Tax Records: ESPN's Weepy Matt Millen Was Listed In 2009, 2010 As A Director At Sandusky's Charity

We told you earlier about accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky's consulting pay from The Second Mile. But there are other revealing tidbits to be gleaned from the charity's tax records, such as who sits on its board. Consider Matt Millen, the ESPN analyst and former Nittany Lion who choked up on air the other day »11/11/11 2:17pm11/11/11 2:17pm

Sandusky Made Nearly $500K At The Second Mile After Admitting He Showered With A Boy, According To Tax Records

We've obtained tax returns for The Second Mile charity from 1998 to present. Some disturbing tidbits in there. Easily the most disturbing is the amount of money Jerry Sandusky earned through his nonprofit organization after 1998, when at least one person affiliated with The Second Mile learned that Sandusky was under… »11/11/11 12:02pm11/11/11 12:02pm

A Curated Selection Of Jerry Sandusky's Writings From The Annual Reports Of His Youth Charity

Jerry Sandusky founded The Second Mile in 1977. The charity probably issued some form of an annual report from the start. But the ones I managed to find online date from 2005-2010, which are very important years in both Sandusky and the charity's existence. By 2005, Sandusky had already been investigated at least… »11/10/11 5:50pm11/10/11 5:50pm

A Cartographic Illustration Of How Pervasive Jerry Sandusky's Youth Charity Is In Pennsylvania

This is a map of how many individuals The Second Mile served in 2008, the year the charity's employees finally took action to prevent Jerry Sandusky from hanging out with minors. The map comes from the charity's 2008 annual report. It shows how far The Second Mile's influence ranged. Thousands and thousands of young… »11/10/11 4:15pm11/10/11 4:15pm

Youth Organization Learned Of Jerry Sandusky Investigation in 1998, Let Jerry Sandusky Fraternize With Youth Until 2008

The possible ambit of abetment in the Jerry Sandusky case widens by the day. How so many people looked the other way for so long is incomprehensible. Then again, it's human nature to look the other way, to pretend that whatever version of Kitty Genovese lives in your neighborhood isn't being stabbed to death on your… »11/08/11 7:05pm11/08/11 7:05pm